Ikamva Labantu lies at the heart of the poorest communities in the Western Cape. We aren't just about the communities we serve, we are these communities. Our members, our mamas, our teachers, our helpers, our volunteers... our heros were born in these townships and are committed to their communities.

Early Childhood Development

236 Principals have been through our Principals Training Programme and 270 Practitioners have been through our Early Childhood Development Experiential Training Programme, impacting thousands of children living in Cape Town’s townships. We support 380 pre-schools through our Pre-school Registration Helpdesk, impacting over 17,000 children.


Seniors are the backbone of our nation, often raising more than one generation of children. Despite this, they are regularly forgotten when they should be celebrated. We reach over 800 seniors through 19 clubs, and a further 615 through our Umelwane programme which reaches out to those seniors who are unable to attend our clubs.

Child and Youth Enrichment

We provide academic support, health and wellness, arts and culture, and sports and recreation to 166 school-going children.

Family Centre

Our Family Centre supports over 300 families through our Helpdesk, Disability Programme, Parent Project and Psychosocial Support Programme.


Our deworming drive is currently active in 70 local preschools, 122 children are seen by the mobile SHAWCO clinic and 440 seniors have been provided with reading glasses to aid everyday activity.